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Equilibrium | 50ml

B83 - Open Sesame

B83 - Open Sesame

Turquoise / Gold

The process of individuation awakens the incarnational star. The wisdom of the past is expressed through the creative communication of the heart.

The Aura-Soma teacher opening the doors of the ancient wisdom re-evaluated in relation to discrimination and creatively expressed through the feeling side of our being. A communication offered to the many rather than the few.

Shakes-to: Olive Green

Tarot: Return Journey of the Hierophant (B5)

72 Angels: Vehuiah

Where to Apply: Apply around the entire trunk of the body.

The way we use the energy to express our wisdom.

Click here to determine your personal colour code.


Contained within the upper and lower colour fractions of each Equilibrium formulation are pure-grade botanical oils and water extracts from biodynamically-grown plants, trees and herbs infused with the energies of crystals and gems, colour and light. When the bottle is shaken, the two parts form a temporary emulsion absorbable through the skin. Available in 50ml glass bottles.


Balances and strengthens the electromagnetic field surrounding the physical being to support harmony, wholeness and well-being at every level. It is very helpful as you consider each colour combination to remember the relationship between the upper (conscious) and lower (unconscious) colours: the upper fraction colour reflects aspects in our conscious awareness and manifestation; the lower fraction reflects aspects in our unconscious which are supportive and capable of rising into our consciousness as our soul essence becomes more and more expressed in all aspects of our lives. As the collaboration between our conscious and unconscious increases, more of our totality comes into being - which is represented by the shake-to colour of the bottle. The four colour combinations that make up your unique personal colour code contain energies and messages for your particular life story. Interacting with them helps you to progress from karma (as you sow so shall you reap) to dharma (the quality of caring that you bring to whatever you do), helping to lift you out of the repetition of conditioned patterns. By illuminating your gifts, potentials and challenges and activating transformational energies throughout your whole being, Equilibrium helps to bring more of who you truly are into manifestation and fulfilment - more of your inside out, as founder Vicky Wall often said.

How to Select

To discover your personal colour code, choose four bottles/colour combinations, one bottle at a time, in the order which you are most intuitively and spontaneously drawn to them. Once you have made your selections, the general meanings of the bottles according to their positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th) will be displayed. If there is an Aura-Soma trained colour consultant in your area, we recommend that you view Equilibrium in person to choose your colours and receive a customised consultation to learn how your colours and their meanings relate in depth to your specific life story. Or, you may choose your bottles here and have the option of working remotely with a consultant or learning more with The Aura-Soma Sourcebook or other supporting materials.

How to Use

Remove the cap, and hold the bottle in your left hand, thumb underneath the base, second finger on the top of the bottle and first and third fingers on the shoulders of the bottle. Shake vigorously so that colours are commingled. Pour into palm of hand and apply in a band around body, either guided by your intuition or where indicated according to the chakra attributions, thus absorbing the energetic vibrations. This physical or energetic application gives a comforting and conditioned feel to the skin, body and personal space. Once you have shaken the bottle it will be aligned with your energies and should not be shaken by anyone else except in the case of the rescue bottles which are programmed for multiple users. Other ways of working with Equilibrium include a daily focus on the mysteries and meanings of certain bottles and their colour energies, as well as the correspondences of the colours and colour combinations to other mystery traditions - such as numerology, Tarot and the Kabbalah work with the 72 Angels of the Tree of Life. From an Aura-Soma perspective, co-relating these traditions illuminates deeper aspects of each of them and gives us more information about the purposes and potentials of our humanity. All of these cross-related wisdoms are explored extensively in the colour education courses offered by Aura-Soma The Academy. NB: it is recommended that you only use one bottle at a time to apply to the body, continuing to apply the liquid on a daily basis until all of the contents have been used. It is then recommended that you have a consultation with a trained Aura-Soma Consultant who will support you in choosing the most appropriate bottle to continue your on-going work toward balance, harmony and bringing more of your totality into being.