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EBCGA - Guardian Angel Bottle Cap Adornment

Guardian Angel Bottle Cap Adornment

Designed by Andrew Buckingham in collaboration with Mike Booth, this Guardian Angel Bottle Cap Adornment represents an angel holding a rose quartz orb in its hands, while its wings enfold the cap. As a complement to the Angel Pendant Caps for your three Personal Angels, the beauty of this adornment is that it is interchangeable and thus can be used to help focus angelic support for work with any of the 50ml Equilibrium bottles. For example, you might change the cap adornment daily to the bottle which corresponds to that day’s Angel or which supports a current gift or circumstance you may be working with, or perhaps a particular bottle in your Personal Colour Code.

Some people like to have three of these Angel Cap Adornments to work with on a daily basis to identify the three angels of the day/time or their three Personal Angels in the same way as with the Personal Angel Pendant Caps.

The Angel Pendants honor the presence and support of the Angels in the Aura-Soma system. Both founder Vicky Wall and her successor Mike Booth have been intimately involved throughout their lives in working with the Angels, ultimately incorporating their guidance in the development of Aura-Soma wisdom, products and practices, manifesting with the Equilibrium combination B37 Guardian Angel Comes to Earth. This was followed by B44 The Guardian Angel, the first Equilibrium combination developed by Mike Booth. Archangel Michael has been considered to be the overlight for the Aura-Soma system from the beginning.

One of the new revelations in recent years is the connection of Aura-Soma wisdom with the the 72 Angels of the Tree of Life and the Hebrew Kabbalah. In the 72 Angels tradition, the Angels represent emanations of Divine Qualities and Names, bringing light and consciousness into expression in Human life. Our Personal Angels support our unique life journey and help to expand particular Divine qualities within our humanity for the fulfillment of our purposes upon this Earth. Likewise, Equilibrium bottles B23 to B94, which correspond to the 72 Angels, invite us to see the correspondent colours as aspects of Divinity shining within our light body and reflecting our true natures.

Our 60cm (24in) solid silver chain is offered separately and may be used with any of our pendant styles.