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Equilibrium | Angel Light Pendants

PALP84 - Candle in the Wind

Candle in the Wind

Pink / Red

A vulnerability that becomes our strength and way towards a higher purpose.

Represents movement toward the feminine and the vulnerability that comes through openness and receptivity. Conscious compassion (pink) given towards ourselves leads to more energy and passion (red) for unconditional love and caring in relationships as well as for the desire to awaken to the love of existence. Thus ultimately, our vulnerability becomes our strength and our awakening to what love is.

Pink / Red

Shakes-to: Red

Tarot: Return Journey of the Lovers (B6)

Set: Tantric Illumination Set

72 Angels: Sitael

Where to Apply: Apply around the entire abdominal area.

This beautiful pendant features a solid silver Angel carving which is permanently affixed to the Beamer Light Pen Vials for your wearable delight! Designed by Andrew Buckingham in collaboration with Mike Booth, the Angel Light Pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry and gives you a wonderful way to maintain extra-close support with particular Equilibrium colour combinations and their Angelic energies all day long (not meant to be opened).