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Equilibrium | Angel Light Pendants

PALP95 - Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Magenta / Gold

The messenger of the star helping us to get in touch with our true purpose.

The Messenger of the Star, assists in the illumination of the ‘soul star’ and the ‘incarnational star’. As the magenta energy of our soul star (above the crown) brings love from above to the incarnational star in the gold/wisdom area of our being (belly), our ‘true aura’ is activated, expanding into the light field that surrounds our physical body. We may then get in touch with why we are here, what we are to do and they way we are to do it. As we bring our caring and warmth to all that we do, putting love into the little everyday things, we may find great joy in service to others through wisdom shared with a deep level of caring.

Magenta / Gold

Shakes-to: Orange

Tarot: Return Journey of the Star (B17)

Set: Archangel Set

Where to Apply: Apply in a band all around the abdominal area.

This beautiful pendant features a solid silver Angel carving which is permanently affixed to the Beamer Light Pen Vials for your wearable delight! Designed by Andrew Buckingham in collaboration with Mike Booth, the Angel Light Pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry and gives you a wonderful way to maintain extra-close support with particular Equilibrium colour combinations and their Angelic energies all day long (not meant to be opened).