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PBOL87 - Love Wisdom

Love Wisdom

Pale Coral / Pale Coral

The wisdom of love that enables us to see oneself beyond the reflection of self.

To go beyond the reflection of self in relationship and circumstances to perceive the eternal self. As we immerse ourselves in the depths to witness this essential self as an expression of divinity within our humanity, we may emerge awakened with a new sense of self-acceptance, awareness and beingness. Any unrequited love of the past may be released as we let go into the wisdom of love which values all forms of living and loving.

Pale Coral / Pale Coral

Shakes-to: Pale Coral

Tarot: Return Journey of the Hermit (B9)

Set: New Aeon Chakra Set/Rescue Set

72 Angels: Yeialel

Where to Apply: Apply around the lower abdomen and along the right side of the body, from the right earlobe down to the right ankle.