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PBOL99 - Archangel Tzadkiel / Cosmic Rabbits

Archangel Tzadkiel / Cosmic Rabbits

Pale Olive Green / Pink

A new opening to love of self illuminates our purpose in the world.

Represents a new beginning for love that fosters love of the earth by being open and receptive within the self. Can help us to connect more deeply with our inner being by trusting our feminine intuitive nature of unconditional love and self-acceptance, thus bringing the possibility of a broader vision. Thus we can become pioneers for freedom and truth (pale olive green), having the courage to step into the waters of life with an open heart for giving and receiving love (pink).

Pale Olive Green / Pink

Shakes-to: Olive Green

Tarot: Return Journey of the Universe (B21)

Set: Archangel Set

Where to Apply: Apply in a band around the body from the 1st/base chakra to the 4th/heart chakra.