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PBOL109 - Archangel Zachariel

Archangel Zachariel

Magenta / Mid-Tone Olive

Sincerity in love. Letting go, we are already forgiven.

A new sense of hope arises as we let go of the fears in the context of love. The bitterness is resolved as we put our love, warmth and caring into the little things each day. The olive process is always about letting go of the bitterness: individual, ancestral and collective, and the process of marination that reveals the gold within. This process is alchemical, bringing a profound change to our nature and a sweetness of spirit that creates us anew. The new pinker magenta shows us that the love from above is nearer and more accessible than we may think. As we open to the grace of awakening that has already forgiven all that has passed, and walk into the ever-present light of love, we may claim the dignity of our true kingship and the eternal treasures that await us.

Magenta / Mid-Tone Olive

Shakes-to: Olive flecked with Magenta

Set: Archangel Set

Where to Apply: Apply in a band around the body in the areas of the 3rd/solar plexus chakra, 4th/heart chakra and along the hairline.