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PBOL61 - Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara

Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara

Pale Pink / Pale Yellow

The deepest reconciliation of the inner role models through a universal sense of the Mother/Father God.

Together these energies represent the universal Mother/Father energy which can help to bring ease and reconciliation to the inner child that has experienced the absence of parental models. Represents the template for Divine/Human relationship in ‘As Above, So Below’: the light from above which dwells in our subconscious depths (pale yellow) coming into our consciousness as love and caring (pale pink). May help personal loss to become transpersonal gain expressed as a higher state of unity within.

Pale Pink / Pale Yellow

Shakes-to: Pale Coral

Set: Master Set

72 Angels: Vasariah

Where to Apply: Apply in a band around the body in the areas of the 1st/root/base chakra, 3rd/solar plexus chakra and 4th/heart chakra.