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PBOL63 - Djwal Khul and Hilarion

Djwal Khul and Hilarion

Emerald Green / Pale Green

The emergence of truth as we give ourselves the space to see ourselves as we truly are. The journey to the wisdom of the heart.

The two masters of the green ray come together, representing the individual and collective journey from knowledge (3rd/solar plexus chakra) to the wisdom in the emerald of the heart (4th chakra). Can bring the courage to speak one’s truth, to integrate feelings and perceive the emotions of others. May help to create space for understanding our ‘karmic seeds’ and orienting where and how we are going, as well as having the perseverance and determination to get there.

Emerald Green / Pale Green

Shakes-to: Green

Set: Master Set

72 Angels: Aladiah

Where to Apply: Apply in a band around the body in the area of the 4th/heart chakra.