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PBOL79 - Ostrich Bottle

Ostrich Bottle

Orange / Violet

Insight and transformation leading to restoration of the timeline. The ability to hear what challenges oneself.

Represents profound insight into the nature of things (orange) and a deep desire to use our gifts in service to others (violet). A deep transformation that may lead to a sense of deep joy and bliss. As orange represents the belly (2nd/sacral chakra) and violet represents the head (7th/crown chakra), choosing this ‘upside down’ combination may suggest that we can find knowledge and illumination by drawing from our depths. Brings the possibility for transformation of our luminous etheric field and further development of our light body.

Orange / Violet

Shakes-to: Deep Orange

Tarot: Return Journey of the Magician (B1)

72 Angels: Lehahaiah

Where to Apply: Apply around the abdominal area and along the hairline.