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Glastonbury Experience

Glastonbury Experience – a meditation in the landscape “Enriching your understanding of the Inspirational Source of Aura-Soma Colour System” The Aura-Soma philosophy is deeply rooted in the count...

Date : 8 Jul 19 - 11 Jul 19
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: Somerset, England

Journey into the Chakras

To be held on Shire Farm, the 500 acre biodynamic farm owned and cared for by Aura-Soma Products Limited This will be a meditative process as we work not only with the chakras in the landscape but a...

Date : 13 Jul 19 - 16 Jul 19
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: Horncastle, England

Sacred Journey in Dingle

The inspiration for this year’s journey came close to the birth of B116, Queen Mab. The call of the nature spirits to this area is not surprising.

Date : 24 Jul 19 - 27 Jul 19
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: Co. Kerry,, Ireland

Sacred Journey in Salzburg

Sacred Journey in Salzburg mit Mike Booth

Date : 4 Oct 19 - 6 Oct 19
Teacher: Mike Booth, Barbara Heider-Rauter
Location: Großgmain, Austria