Rose Pink Pomander Aura-Soma

The Birth of Rose Pink Pomander and the Annual Solar Eclipse in Libra

On 14th October this year an annular solar eclipse crossed North, Central and South America. A solar eclipse in Libra, offering us an invitation to review our relationships, observe negative patterns of behaviour, conditioned patterns we undergo in our relationships and provides the opportunity to change them. This is a possibility to overhaul our relationships, as we reflect on our relationships with ourselves and with others, we can create profound transformation.

Aura-Soma Rose Pomander


With the birth of the Rose Pink Pomander I've been reflecting on some of Vicky's words about Rose Pink and self-love in adverse circumstances.

"As the affiliation of term here, I believe is apt relating to the moment in life when Deep calls unto deep, when life seems to betray, and love, friendship, and loyalty are but hollow words. All the traumatic situations that can assail us throughout this life - childlessness, divorce, bereavement, illness, the humiliation of unemployment, where true talent and desire to work are present -all these denigrating circumstances may lead to a buildup of hate, bitterness, and resentment that never solve the problem but merely scar the soul. At such times, self love, respect, and beliefs go missing. A silent natural reaction, such as the secret feeling of guilt, however merited creeps in and the constant query of the battered mind is, "Should I have?" "Could I have?"

How it is that we might accept ourselves at the deepest levels of ourselves, how we learn to love ourselves, even the parts that we see that are less than lovable, compassion towards ourselves as a basis of the way in which we view ourselves through filters of judgement. How it happens through the Pink energy and particularly the Rose Pink we are able to go beyond those filters and to see things more the way they are. It doesn't mean to say that there isn't also the polarity to that to view things from the point of view of as it were 'through rose-tinted glasses', but it means that with this Rose Pink typically there is this deep love, the possibility of acceptance of ourselves

"Then rest upon the Rose Pink, child of love; feel the warmth once more of the divine unconditional love that will never leave you. Sink your whole being in the tenderness and gentleness of the Pink seek for the real self the reality of your destiny. Know within you that there is the crucifixion that leads to the resurrection, the beginnings of the ongoing life with true purpose. The essential thing is to learn to love oneself again, dismissing all the thoughts of guilt, lifting oneself above the situation, raising the body, mind and spirit. Then is when the steel of the sword of the spirit is being tempered."


Rose Pink appears in it's pure form in Equilibrium 23, Rose Pink over Pink and also in Equilibrium 104 as Iridescent Rose Pink over Magenta, these bottles help us to understand the concept of unconditional love and how through being a little bit more caring, with animals, with flowers, with plants, we can begin to expand that love beyond ourselves towards others.

The Rose Pink Pomander comes at a time when it's necessary for people to understand their relationship with the being of the Earth, when we're in a city our connection with the Earth underneath our feet is through concrete or through tarmac so there's a disconnect between us and the being of Earth. From the heart we need the connection to the being of the Earth. The Rose Pink Pomander helps us to connect with the being of the Earth and for her to feel that our caring and warmth, our love joins with what the being of the Earth is offering us as an opportunity. Every soul that comes to Earth holds those karmic seeds which are part of the plan for existence, their destiny. The Rose Pink is affirmative of us finding what it is that is meant for us, why we're here and what we are for and particularly in relation to the being of the Earth.

The Rose Pink increases not only the love, the caring and the warmth, but also the sense of detachment that's necessary to be able to love more effectively. When we get too identified, when it is that we become a little bit more absorbed in the idea of love or how it is that caring and warmth are what it is that we want to express then there's also a sense of how it is that we can lose ourselves. One of the most positive aspects of being is our ability to love and this is also where it is that we can lose our connection with ourselves. The idea of love, the sense of love, the feeling of love through the Rose Pink Pomander is something which brings us back to ourselves and helps us to be more positively detached in our relationships with one another, to help us to remember to love ourselves as it is that we need to progress at this point in time in that relationship with ourselves. The Rose Pink is very, very beautiful. The energies of the crystals and gems, the energies of the plants and the different aspects of the Rose that's contained within this formulation bring us the possibility of helping us now, with the grounding, with the earthing but in a very gentle and yet profound way. The Rose Pink Pomander gives us a sense of our equanimity, our balance in a whole different understanding of ourselves.


The fragrance of the Rose Pink Pomander is really exquisite, it is a combination of roses from the varieties that Vicky selected for Aura-Soma that we've propagated and grown at our base in Tetford. It's something that is a delight to experience. Included in this enchanting blend are are many different types of Roses besides those old English varieties that we grow ourselves, Tuberose, Palmarosa, and a hint of Frankincense are also part of the formulation. When I consider these with the inclusion of the crystal combinations; Rose Quartz, Opal, Clear Quartz, Rubellite, Watermelon Tourmaline and more, I feel this Pomander will be extremely supportive for anybody that is going through any difficulty or feeling under attack for whatever reason. 

With Love and light

Mike Booth Chairman of Aura-Soma Products