Aura-Soma ArchAngeloi help to focus your intention, better recognise your accomplishments during times of change, and bring you closer to self-understanding. They support the greater potential of an individual, group or community and are the ideal addition to a holistic wellbeing programme and the perfect complement to Aura-Soma’s Equilibrium system.

Similar to Aura-Soma Quintessences, the ArchAngeloi are paired with specific Equilibrium bottles, in this case, B95 through to B101 and B104. If you choose an Equilibrium bottle that is in that range, your ArchAngeloi is a direct correspondent. But they can also be chosen through the colour relationships of bottle selections.

Each ArchAngeloi corresponds to the Archangels, a higher level of Angelic mediators between the Human and the Divine. Introducing ArchAngeloi into the energy field can help aid connection to, and expression of, your ongoing soul-purpose and the highest possibility for this life.


How to use Aura-Soma ArchAngeloi

Use sparingly whenever you feel your colour levels need topping up throughout the day. Press one short spray over the left shoulder, one short spray above the crown and one over the right shoulder.


Behind the Aura-Soma ArchAngeloi 

  • ArchAngeloi Essence Michael - may help develop the qualities of faith and trust so we can release fears and anxieties
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Gabriel - supports us to bring our potential and follow our path to destiny
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Raphael - may help develop intuitive perceptions so we can awaken our inner voice
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Uriel - fosters an experience of deep inner peace and clear intuitive perceptions
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Sandalphon - may help to develop a profound capacity for compassion and potential for cooperation
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Tzadkiel - find new understanding, experience and expression of love
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Metatron - this ArchAngeloi contains the most intense light and the depths of the dark. May help us to perceive, understand and strengthen our abilities, talents and potential
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Jophiel - experience a sense of peace, trust and calm Aura-Soma ArchAngeloi are the perfect way to top up your colour energies throughout the day
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Chamael Enhances our sense of caring in what we do. Helps toward breaking the barriers of preferential activity

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