Aura-Soma Quintessence facilitate the flow of positive energy around the body and the aura, enabling empowerment and greater access to who you truly are.


Available in 15 colours including Pale Blue, Pale Yellow, Red, Clear, Gold and Emerald Green Quintessence is often used to support mindfulness practices such as meditation and contemplation.

How to use:
  • Apply three drops on the left wrist and gently rub wrists together
  • Extend the arms above the head
  • Gently bring the hands in, and cross the wrists above the crown
  • Continue to open and close the arms in this manner, as you come down and cross over each of the energy centres
  • Stop and rest over the heart chakra for a few minutes
  • Continue down, giving energy to the earth
  • Spinning the hands in a backwards spiral, bring the hands all the way up the front of the body and above the head
  • To close the sequence, bring the palms together at the forehead and deeply inhale the Quintessence three times into the body

Quintessences bring a more subtle energy to the Aura-Soma system. Their function is in helping us to recognise and accept our own inner beauty. Would you like to try Quintessence? Find your nearest practitioner.