Colour Essences support the connection of emotional and mental self with your physicality. They’re the perfect addition to a holistic wellbeing programme and the perfect complement to Aura-Soma’s Equilibrium system.

The Colour Essences have a centring quality that facilitates our connection with the earth and helps us to ground our feelings. Colour preferences are very personal and influence many aspects of life’s conscious and unconscious choices. As with many wellness models, where like attracts like, you will be instinctively drawn to colours that reflect and support who you are and what you need for optimal wellbeing.


How to use Color Essences

The Colour Essences can be used in the bath or placed on the pulse points of your wrists or temples throughout the day whenever your colour energies need a top up.


Behind the ‘Colour Essences’ colours

  • Red - offers energy, awareness, and passion
  • Coral - strengthening our psyche, encouraging community and openness
  • Orange - supports interdependence in a relationship whilst maintaining our inner worth and truth
  • Gold - enhances a sense of connectedness and being part of a greater whole
  • Olive Green - confidence in the still, small voice in the depth of ourselves
  • Green - supports the manifestation of love in concrete activity
  • Turquoise - supports communication of the heartfelt experience
  • Blue - provides peace and a nurturing energy that may bring clarity
  • Royal Blue - cleansing, centring, and calming
  • Violet - wellbeing and greater understanding of new insights
  • Pink - stimulates our ability to receive love and feel love
  • White - strongly cleansing and harmonising on all levels

Colour Essences are the perfect way to top up your colour energies throughout the day. Would you like to try Colour Essences? Find your nearest practitioner for an Aura-Soma consultation.