Celebrating the life and work of our founder Vicky Wall

The 20th August is a day of gratitude, reflection and celebration for us all here at Aura-Soma. It marks the birthday of our founder and creator, Vicky Wall. Here we share with you what one remarkable woman created in a lifetime, her dedication to helping others become more conscious, and her unique gifts that infuse the world of Aura-Soma to this day.

A life’s work

From learning the medicinal properties of herbs and plants from her Kabbalist father, to a career as a respected pharmacologist, surgical chiropodist and healer – it was clear that Vicky was drawn to a deep understanding of the human body and care of its needs. However, her healing instincts and capabilities had been with her since birth, as a child she had developed the intuitive ability to perceive the subtle energies and colours surrounding a person – a sensory phenomenon known as synaesthesia – giving her profound insights into a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

A growing gift

With the early teachings of her father, her in-depth medicinal background combined with her years of understanding the body on a physical level, a profound amalgamation occurred.

As her physical sight diminished her auric sight expanded. Retiring at the age of 70 due to clinical blindness Vicky delved deep into the world of meditation and wellness, focussing on her ability to see the ‘light body’.

Vicky’s creation

One night, while connecting with the limitless consciousness of the universe, colours came to her – radiating jewel-like brilliance – compelling her to quickly get to work in her laboratory where she proceeded to mix oils, water, herbs and plant extracts.

Overnight Vicky had created the first Equilibrium bottles – two distinctly different layers of colours glittering, as if lit from within, through their glass bottles. She cradled them in her hands, unable to see them with her physical eyes, yet she felt a serenity and power emanating from them.

“Suddenly, I felt energised, happy, the physical tiredness I had been feeling lifted, as if magically. The concept of balance came into my mind, as if it had been whispered – a state of balance that is beyond stasis and which is known as equilibrium. They could be known by no other name. Equilibrium was born and she was beautiful.”

Equilibrium was a mirror of the soul—an illuminator of a person’s true colours—and a catalyst for transformation, wholeness and balance.”

Aura-Soma is Vicky’s gift to us. An opening to self-discovery. A non-intrusive, self-selective therapy intuitively created to connect us with consciousness, and all that is eternal.

Thank you Vicky, with love and light from the Aura-Soma team and community.


Find out more about Vicky Wall’s inspirational work in her book ‘Aura-Soma -Self Discovery Through Color’.