As we bring a tumultuous year to an end, let’s enter into optimism as the arrival of Ceres supports us in finding the very deepest happiness within.


When we look at the orange we are drawn to think of mother’s love, Ceres within the Roman mythology is known for the nurturing of the mother. Indeed, with Ceres coming into being we may heal the relationship with the mother. Magenta in the base is also an indication of how critical the situation is at this point in time, the Deep Magenta contains all the colours, the love from above and the love in the little things, giving us the opportunity to bring all of that to the fullness of Orange.

Ceres is the Goddess of the Harvest and the nurturing and the planting of the seed. Every thought and every feeling carries a frequency, a seed for something that is to emanate in the world, how it is that we might grow the plants that we truly wish with our intention rather than the unconscious manipulative tendencies.

The seeds have been planted in the past, those that have led us to the situation that we face now. Ceres gives us an immense possibility of healing the trauma and shock, not only for coming into incarnation at this time but also by being able to plant the seeds of light and bliss for those who are yet to come. Let’s see how it is that Ceres might be helpful in relation to healing the timeline, both for ourselves in this life and also the causal factors genetically or ancestrally that have left us where we are now that need to be re-evaluated.

The etymology of ‘Ceres’ is thought to be ‘kerh’ meaning ‘to nourish, satiate or feed’. We can see in the 119 a spiritual rescue of the Goddess, it is so specific with Ceres, how we need to nurture ourselves first and foremost to find the motherly love within ourselves and for ourselves, to find the motherly seed to nurture what it is that has been in un-love within ourselves.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel where our relationship with time changes when we enter the moment without hesitation. Each moment is essentially free, and it is only what we bring into this, from conditioning or the ghosts of the past, that corrupts the energy of the moment. Ceres offers us the opportunity to let go to find solace, in order to gain clarity towards the wisdom that lies within.

With Love and Light,

Mike Booth Chairman of Aura-Soma Products