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Aura-Soma Equiilbrium bottles

Colour is a powerful part of making that happen, because we often link colour to emotional states.

"Colour is part of our environment and as human beings, we make meaning out of our perceptions," explains Dr Karin Stokes, a sociologist and psychiatric nurse who specialises in the impact of colour.

"Colour becomes the unspoken part of our perception. We don't have words for things like emotions, so we link colours to emotional states.

"It's important to be aware of colours around us and to avoid ones that send us into a negative mood, but it's hard to do.” 

Do colours mean the same thing to everyone?

It’s often said that we actually only see three primary colours. Red, Yellow, and Blue. All other colours we see are a combination of these. For example. Purple is simply blue and red. It’s also been shown that we don't all see the same colours.

Just as we are all individual, the way we see and feel colours is individual too.

We believe that although there are some familiar connotations and emotions that are attached to individual colours, they aren't the same for everyone.

In our Equilibrium bottles for example, the colours are only part of what draws you to the bottles you choose. Plant and crystal energies combined with the colour, mean every bottle means something different to each person. You energetically engage with the bottle. The colours you are drawn to are the colours you need.

What are the most common meanings for colours?


Green is often associated with forests, nature, and open space. It help us to feel at ease and be able to breathe more easily.


Although many associate red with anger or danger, that’s not always the case. It’s a strong, powerful colour which can mean passion, desire, strength, heat, love and much more.


Yellow, the brightest colour we can see, often means joy and sunshine. It can boost enthusiasm, optimism and positivity.


This is a colour often chosen for its freeing effects. It is known to be soothing, relaxing and helps bring order and calmness to us and the world around us.


A colour long associated with mystery and spiritual fulfillment, purple contains the calmness of blue and the power of red. It talks to future and imagination.

How can I use colour to increase happiness?

Listen to your body’s gut reaction to colours. Ask yourself how they impact you, how they make you feel. If something makes you feel calm, embrace it. If something makes you joyful, add more of it to your life. On the flip side, if a colour makes you feel anxious or stressed, remove it from your surroundings.

Remember though, be attuned to what you're thinking. As human beings we are forever evolving, and that includes our reactions. What you feel one day, may not be what you feel or need the next.

Explore your colours with an Aura-Soma consultation, or discover more about the language of colour in a 2-day Aura-Soma Essentials course.