When did the word ‘busy’ become the accepted answer to the question ‘how are you?’.

It’s like we wear our ‘busyness’ with pride, as a stamp of how productive and important we are. It’s easy to see how feeling overwhelmed can make its way into our lives, especially in a world of such hyper-connectivity and being ‘always on’.

Here at Aura-Soma we believe that taking the time for yourself, and finding balance in this hectic world we live in, is so important. Not just for making a positive change to yourself, but for making a positive change to others and the world around us. We hope that you find some of the below advice useful for finding balance.

Write a list

Write down a list of everything that you do. Include work commitments, hobbies, family commitments, volunteer work, social obligations, health and wellness etc. Break the list into three categories ‘Must do’, ‘Love to do’ and ‘Not sure’. Then, take a look at that ‘Not Sure’ list. Anything there that you can let go of without regret, let go of. When doing this activity make sure that you’re firm with yourself. Understand what is an option, and what is an obligation.

Reassess regularly

Re-write the list as regularly as you need to, as we all know that new activities and commitments can easily make their way into our lives without us even realising it.

Choose joy

How many times a day, a week, a month, do you get asked to do something? To help with something? Now sometimes, you have no choice. But when you do - ask yourself one thing. Will this bring me joy? If it doesn’t, say no.

Schedule ‘me time’

As we’ve said above, taking time for yourself isn't just important for your own mental wellbeing, but for everyone around you too. Whether you decide to take 15 minutes a day for your Aura-Soma routine, take a long walk in the park, or head to a spa day - whatever you do, schedule it in, do it it regularly, and treat it as though it is just as important as every other commitment. Because it is.

Ask for help

Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s no shame in asking for help from loved ones and letting people know that things are getting a bit too much. It’s likely that if you ask friends and family, they’ll be feeling the same. Hold one another accountable and help each other to prioritise yourselves more.  

Leave time for spontaneity

Do you ever look at your diary and realise that you’re booked up for months? Make a commitment to leave free time. Perhaps Monday evenings are your ‘do nothing’ night, or you leave one weekend a month empty.  However you decide to spend that time - at home with a good book, a walk with the family, or saying yes to something spontaneous last minute, it can only be a good thing.


Decluttering your calendar is just one step to finding balance. Decluttering your physical environment is another. Everyone’s tolerance to clutter is different and the minimalist life isn’t for everyone. But by letting go of unwanted material possessions, you can find calm and peace.

If you’d like to find out how Aura-Soma can help you, find your nearest practitioner.