Every day our intuition - or our gut instinct - speaks to us and influences our decisions. But should we be listening? And how can we fine-tune our ability to understand it? Here at Aura-Soma, we believe that listening to your intuition is incredibly important.

We believe that we need to let our inner voice - that feeling in the pit of our stomach be strong. We need to let it guide us. Listening to intuition is a core part of our philosophy.

When choosing Equilibrium bottles, for example, the colours you’re drawn to are the colours that you need. Only once they are chosen will you discover why.

What is intuition?

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Your intuition is powerful and is more than a passing feeling - it is part of who you are.

Some people can listen to their gut instinct much more easily than others and learning to listen - and not to dismiss - can take time. Should we listen to our intuition? Albert Einstein once noted, ‘intuition is nothing but the outcome of earlier intellectual experience’ and psychologist Herbert A. Simon stated that intuition was ‘nothing more and nothing less than recognition’.

Another interesting article reads: "Although there's a common misconception that intuitive decisions are random and signify a lack of skill, the exact opposite is true. Intuitive decisions are often the product of years of experience and thousands of hours of practice. They represent the most efficient use of your accumulated experience."

It’s something we wholeheartedly agree with. Emotions and intuition are not responses that need to be ignored or corrected by rationale. They are appraisals of your past experiences, your belief system, and your inherent values. They are proof that the only person who truly knows you - is you.

 How to harness your intuition more effectively

  • If you’re facing a decision and need your gut instinct, step away to think. Go for a walk or sit in a quiet room. It’s difficult to override the instant rational decision-making process if you don't take the time to listen to what you really think or feel
  • Do some basic breathing exercises to clear your mind and allow you the space to listen to your heart and your gut
  • Run through your options in your mind and then monitor how your mind and body react. Does your heart race? Does your stomach flip?
  • Struggling to hear your intuition? Recall a positive experience from your past and think about the moments you realised you were on the right path. Think about your feelings, your reactions
  • Recall a negative experience from your past and recall the moments you realised something was wrong. What did you feel? How did you react?
  • Now picture the current situation/scenario and observe any feelings or judgements. Don’t censor them, just let them come. How do they compare to the two situations you pictured?
  • Try the intuitive coin flip. An age-old but simple technique to a yes or no question. Assign an answer to the heads or tails side of a coin and flip. Are you disappointed or happy with the result?

 Incorporating intuition into your daily life

Listening to your intuition isn't just for life's big decisions. It’s important to take a holistic approach and introduce your intuition to the every day. Take the time daily to ask yourself authentic questions and listen to the truthful answers. Run through the different aspects of your life - family, friends, work, well-being - and truly take the time to listen to what you feel.

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