Introduction to Equilibrium

Hand selecting colourful Equilibrium bottle from shelf


What is Equilibrium?

Our hero wellness product that has garnered a large and loyal following for every reason, Equilibrium’s unique vibrational energy is unlocked as soon as it touches your skin. Experience higher vitality and intuition, while resonating a deeper sense of happiness and peace, as its natural powers combine with your own instincts. This powerful intuition-led system of colour, plant and crystal energies brings you closer to self-understanding.


What’s in Equilibrium?

Suspended in a state of perfect balance, the essence of Equilibrium naturally manifests itself in an upper and lower fraction of oil resting on water, the top colour symbolising the conscious mind, the lower symbolising the sub-conscious. Each fraction is a unique blissful blend of biodynamic and organic essential oils and botanicals, their healing harmony further deepened with spagyric crystal tinctures and the potent Aura-Soma energising process.

The oil fraction is vegetable squalene (derived from organic olives). Not only is this oil a skin hero for its powers to hydrate and reduce signs of ageing, it also has superior absorption ability.

The water fraction is purified and energised for optimum absorption into the body.


How does it work?

During a bespoke one-to-one consultation with one of our accredited practitioners located in 40 countries around the world, you’ll be guided through your intuition-led self-selection process that will determine which Equilibrium bottle will assist you best at your deepest level.

1. Intuition

“Your body knows on an instinctual level what it requires to thrive”

Your practitioner will coach you to trust your intuition, allowing you to be drawn to the colour that will have the highest benefit for you and together with your practitioner you will explore the meanings of your chosen colours within the context of your own journey and life, leading to a deeper level of self understanding and compassion.

You might then choose an affirmation that resonates with you deeply (repeated throughout the day, affirmations can be a powerful way to affect positive change, which is why we suggest combining them with your Equilibrium of choice)

For example, Equilibrium's Peace Bottle embodies peaceful communication that comes through us rather than from us. A nurturing energy, a natural authority. Its connecting affirmation is “I breathe in peace, I breathe out peace”.


2. See and feel the changes

You’ll activate the vibrational energy of the ingredients by shaking your chosen bottle and applying it to your body morning and night.

Harnessing these vibrational powers of Mother Nature, this system of colour, plant and crystal energies brings you closer to self-understanding as your Equilibrium connects you to a more conscious way of being.


How to use Equilibrium

With soul-awakening potential, yet the ease of a body oil – getting the most from Equilibrium couldn’t be more simple… or powerful.

Each colour relates to a different chakra of the body, meaning Equilibrium is most effective when applied to the chakras associated with the colours you choose, or simply the areas your gut instinct leads you to apply it.

During your consultation you’ll select four dual-coloured bottles that you feel most drawn to. By this we mean the ones that you can’t resist, cannot look past, the ones that are almost dancing off the shelf with pure brilliance. During a consultation your Practitioner will encourage you to really tune into this way of selection before discussing with you what each bottle in their given position might represent.

We encourage you to listen in and feel what you need. You may need support in all four areas and therefore will benefit from all four bottles, or you may just need support with the first and second bottles you chose.


Equilibrium bottle number 8, yellow over blue



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