Our flagship store in Bangalow NSW

Living and breathing Aura-Soma in Australia 14 Station Street, Bangalow, NSW, 2479

Our in-store team can’t wait to welcome you

Aura-Soma Australian shop front in the sunshine

We chose Bangalow as it’s the place where laid-back artsy vibes meet cool cafés, and sustainable fashionistas meet Zen seekers – all to a backdrop of subtropical forest and lush green fields. Just 14km from Byron Bay, we’re certainly not the first to soak up this once-secret bay’s spiritual soul, Bangalow was first revered for its healing powers by the Bundjalung people over a century ago – as the place to go if they were sick or birthing their babies – and it’s been hailed by hippies and wellness seekers ever since.

It’s right in the heart of Bangalow that you can now step into the awakening world of Aura-Soma at our new and much-awaited store. Inside you’ll find our full range of soul-centring formulas adorning the shelves, filling the air with gorgeous scents, good vibes and vibrant colour – ready to bring peace, balance and vitality to your day. A serene sanctuary in its own essence, our shop is a fully immersive experience that allows customers an introduction to the Aura-Soma journey that is truly a delight to the senses.

From our full range of Equilibrium bottles, Quintessences and Pomanders – to our on-the-go Pocket Rescues and Archangeloi sprays – your intuition leads the way as the highest quality organic and biodynamic ingredients unite with colour, plant and crystal energies to permeate you at the deepest level – helping you become everything you truly are.

To compliment your Aura-Soma journey, the store also stocks a wide range of products from our sister brands AEOS (skincare) and Pegasus Parfum, a range of healing crystals; all to a backdrop of centering mandala paintings created by our very own Chairman Mike Booth, whose creations exhibit around the world.

Plus, you can now enjoy your personalised consultation in-store, with one of our friendly, fully accredited Aura-Soma Practitioners. They’ll expertly guide you through your personalised product consultation, as you’re drawn to the colours that will bring you the most balance and be the most empowering for you.  

We look forward to seeing you!

 Our full in-store range includes:

  • Equilibrium Bottles
  • Pocket Rescues
  • Pomanders (in 25ml bottles and atomiser vials)
  • Quintessences (in 25ml bottles and atomiser vials)
  • Archangeloi sprays
  • Colour Essences
  • Incense Sticks (in Pomander and Quintessence scents)
  • Pomander Air Conditioners and Quintessence Air Conditioners

e: or call t: 0448 632 636

Aura-Soma Pomanders in a circular formation