Tap into the Wisdom of Coral

Coral refers to the new consciousness, awakening to deep levels of insight, developing qualities of love and wisdom, as well as the wisdom to love ourselves. Particularly in relation to self-awareness and mindfulness of what one is doing in a non-judgmental way.  

Coral Pomander Aura-Soma

Within coral is the experience of unrequited love. Love that can not be expressed the way it is felt. Love that is not able to be accepted in the form in which it is given. However, what unrequited love can offer us, is a strong potential to develop self-acceptance. Perhaps we have had difficulties in relationships whereby we have not felt acknowledged or valued, and in this case coral can help us value ourselves more. Similarly when we have experienced unrequited love from our own Self, coral can help us love the parts of ourselves that seem most difficult to love.

Coral opens the way for cooperation, connectivity and compassionate interactions. Interacting with coral may provide us with the possibility to accept our responsibilities with a sense of joy rather than hardship.

Coral carries some of the messages of both red and orange. 

Our Aura-Soma Coral Pomander provides an awakening energy, supporting us to value ourselves more so, as well as learning to love and care in a new way.  This love and care is not only for ourselves, but for the cooperation with others, stimulating a spirit of non-competitiveness..

The colours of our aura change with our mood and environment. An Aura-Soma Pomander is designed to help protect and maintain the integrity of our electromagnetic fields. Available in 19 colours, each Pomander contains 49 herbs with a predominance of six essential oils. The White holds a special place amongst the colours, as it is the only one which contains all 49 herbs in equal balance. Following your intuition, you’ll instinctively be drawn to the colours you need.


Interacting with the colours of Aura-Soma can be a personally rejuvenating and supportive process, affecting the energetics of our subtle anatomy and physical being. Supplying the needed colour, plant and crystal energetics to the body helps us move away from dis-ease and into a state of more harmonious ease.

Our certified Aura-Soma Practitioners are available to support you to understand more about how colour can support you on your path to happliness and wellbeing