Setting intentions. We’ve all heard the phrase but what does it actually mean? And why is it important? Here at Aura-Soma we believe that setting intentions can help you to live a happier, more authentic life. It will help you live in the moment instead of worrying about the future.

 Intentions differ from goals

They may sound similar, but they’re actually very different:

A goal can be simply described as a desired outcome. It’s an end result that you don’t have yet, but came up with by using your mind to analyse your thoughts about a problem that needs solving.

But what about an intention?

You can think of intention as your energetic starting point in its purest form for your goal. It’s that powerfully authentic vow that comes from your core. It goes deeper than the mind and comes from a state of pure awareness.

What really sets an intention apart from a goal is how an intention comes from a place of presence whereas a goal is a future projection of the mind. With an intention, you embody your authenticity in the current moment and keep it with you for as long as you need.

 What are Aura-Soma's intentions?

Mike Booth, Chairman:

“My intention is to open my eyes and attempt to see things as they are rather than as I would like them to be. I want to keep questioning, rather than accepting what I have previously believed to be true.”

Shaun Sargent, CEO:

“My intention is to be fully true to myself, even through simple everyday actions When we celebrate everything we really get to see paradise.”

Jess Booth, Marketing and Communications Manager:

“I’d like to make the time with loved ones precious, and be really present. Too often I’m distracted by things that are ultimately inconsequential. I want the people I love to know I care, and I want to show them with my actions.”

Lilleth Booth, Lab Manager:

“I’m working on being more active, making healthy choices with what I eat and drink and engaging in positive thought patterns. My target is to create realistic routines I can stick to long term.”

What are your intentions?

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