The True Aura of Gold

Vicky Wall, the founder and innovator of Aura-Soma often described gold as containing the true aura, which formed from the energies that brought our first cell in to being, and that which indicates the true essence of self.  It is located in the golden area of our body and is our ‘nugget of wisdom'.

Gold Pomander

Different from knowledge, wisdom is the gold of our being. This wisdom may be refined during the journey towards ourself by a process of inner alchemy – the realization and fulfilment of the refinement of the raw materials within the temple of our body. Connecting with this part of ourself provides an opportunity to revitalise all of our systems, much the same way that stem cells are used to remind other cells of their capacity for regeneration.

As well as wisdom, gold relates to the depth of happiness and confidence within us. Gold provides the possibility to overcome anxiety and fears. To let go in the golden area within ourselves stimulates inner alchemy, a transmutation towards greater wisdom that radiates with profound joy from the core of our being.

Our Aura-Soma Gold Pomander provides us with the possibility to reconnect with our instincts and discover our innate wisdom. Applying gold may help ease tension in the solar plexus, assisting in the letting go of irrational fears.

The alchemy of Gold

As you apply the Pomander, feeling the sense of gratitude for the best that is within you and the gift from Spirit that helps to confirm and support that. The intention in the application of the gold pomander is that you are nourishing the star as well as nurturing and expanding the gold within. Feel for that sense of inner gold and the warmth and expansion that comes from that.