Water is just water, right?

aura-soma rose quartz crystal ball living water


It’s time to discover Living Water 

Complex structure… inherent energy… profound memory… the basis for all life. Water is our most sacred substance - but only if harnessed in its most natural state.

It might seem unusual to some that we pay so much attention to the water we use in our products, but valuing the quality of water might be rare but it’s not new. Water’s innate powers have long been revered by indigenous people, the ancients stored water in egg-shaped amphorae vessels to keep their water moving and therefore alive. By respecting and preserving the natural powers of the water we use, we can enhance the body’s ability to absorb and utilise the crystals and herbal extracts of our formulations in a highly beneficial and authentic way.


Here’s how we do it

By reflecting water’s natural movement, our specialist Schauberger vortex pipes (image below) allow the water we use to flow instinctively and vibrantly in spirals - just as it would in a river or stream. This allows us to reinstate the water’s inherent purity and capture it in its most energised state. We combine different crystal technology and filtration methods, breaking the molecular structure of the water down to a more refined state, before adding our herbal and spagyric tinctures and colours.

“It is amorphous and apparently lifeless. As soon as it begins to move, it is filled with surfaces that define little structures, convoluted in form, and with dancing vortical shapes. The nature of water is to move. When it is active it comes alive; in movement it fulfils its potential, which is to bring life.”

 Schauberger's Vortex Pipe


Good vibrations

Thanks to the dedicated work of French immunologist Jacques Benevenist, we know that by following this process we give the water better memory potential. By replicating how water is treated in nature we reduce the potential for its negative memory, and allow it to regain its natural Electro-Static Induction (ESI) energy and vibrations.


Proof in purity

Experiments in 2007 demonstrated that ESI treated water passes more easily through the semi-permeable membrane of the skin, allowing for better absorption of our formulations’ benefits. Our own laboratory tests under prolonged light conditions showed that our products formulated with water treated in this way enhanced their ability to retain their colour for much longer than a standard water base.

It is by using these bespoke processes and methods that we know that the water in our formulations reaches you with its most energetic potential. We believe that infusing every aspect of our products with love and intention will ensure they are at their most beneficial when they reach you.


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