Aura-Soma Equilbrium bottles


This is an exciting and long-awaited week for Aura-Soma as we officially unveil our new look brand and website.


The new brandmark

The three parts of the triangle in the new brandmark are representative of the trilogy of colour, plant and crystal energy in all our products. It’s form signifies the never-ending nourishment and support Aura-Soma shares; connecting the Earth’s energies to the individual. It represents Aura-Soma’s interconnection with each person and Mother Nature – we are all intimately connected and interdependent.


Have Aura-Soma’s products changed?

While our brand may have changed you can rest easy that our products have not. They're still crafted with the same love and beneficial intention that they always have been, using the highest quality organic, biodynamic, and wild crafted ingredients.


Why did we change the brand?

From the moment that Aura-Soma was first created in 1983 by Vicky Wall, the vision has been to make a conscious change to the planet and empower people to become the best version of themselves.

This unwavering commitment has never changed and this new brand and website is the living and breathing embodiment of this vision.

We are all always changing and learning, and we must never stay still or stop developing. Honouring this thought, the rebrand has been led by Mike Booth, the chosen successor of Aura-Soma since Vicky’s passing in 1991. His aim is to continue to bring the transformative powers of colour to the world and this new brand is an important step on that journey.


Want to discover more?

We hope that you love our new look as much as we do and that you will join us on our continued journey.

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