They’re all part of our sustainability journey

We live and breathe sustainability like a life force - every day, in every way. For all of us here at Aura Soma, giving back to the earth is as intrinsic to our business model as it is to our own personal spiritual journeys - it’s our way of life.

Shire Farm Heart Chakra from above

Check out the top five ways we’re at the forefront of sustainability:

1. We harness our energy from the sun

Solar power keeps our offices, factory and barns at Shire Farm heated and lit year-round thanks to 307 solar panels, and our goal is to be 100% off-grid. 

2. We know what we grow - and we keep it sacred

We know that to truly benefit from the power of nature we must first love, respect and nurture it. That's why we lovingly grow as many of the organic plants and herbs that feed our products as we possibly can, allowing us to go above and beyond when it comes to harnessing unique plant essences and essential oils. Our commitment to high quality agricultural and manufacturing methods includes our relationships with trusted suppliers, who share our standards.  

3. Our farming practices are the most ethical and sustainable on earth

"May my soul bloom in love for all existence"

Rudolf Steiner said it. And because of him we live by it.

Our 500 acre Shire Farm is a haven of flora and fauna thanks to Steiner's holistic approach to agriculture and our strict Demeter-certified standards (a standard that's above and beyond organic farming requirements). One of the largest biodynamic farms in the UK, we view our entire farm as a self-sustaining living organism where all elements function together as a whole. 

4. We've created new habitats for wildlife

We've spent the past nine years creating new sustainable habitats and biodiversity for birds, insects and other wildlife. From developing a 25 acre woodland with approximately 30,000 trees, to a 500 meter shelter belt of hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple, dog rose, holly and guelder rose. From planting over 800 apple trees along our farm's chakra paths (that align with the chakras of the body), to purchasing 40 more beehives in addition to our current 12 to support nature according to Steiner's philosophy* - we give back wherever we humanly can.

Fancy giving a little back to the earth?
Check out our Tree Planting Project (tree sponsorship programme). We've planted over 100 trees already, here's how to join in.

*Happy Bees! 
Our products don't contain honey are therefore 100% vegan, our beehives are designed to promote pollination. 

5. We don't cut corners

We constantly strive to source fully recyclable packaging for our products wherever possible; we use paper-based packing tape on all our boxes so the whole box can be recycled - we've also replaced traditional packing polystyrene with biodegradable void-fill chips. We have our own glass bottle bank so any used or damaged glass can be recycled.


Quartz stone on Shire Farm


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