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Connecting inwards and outwards
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Spread Some Happy
International Day of Happiness & March equinox Read More
Essential Oils
Deeper wellbeing and inner wisdom
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Applying self-love with Equilibrium
This Valentine’s…
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Hand Massage with Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle
Look after your hands (like they look after you)
The self-massage your hands and mind will love Read More
Blonde girl thinking and contemplating over city view
Move over mini mental tornadoes
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Woman hugging her sun outside on the grass looking very happy
Discover the way to wellbeing
(pssst… it’s this way) Read More
Hand selecting colourful Equilibrium bottle from shelf
Introduction to Equilibrium
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New Equilibrium bottle being held in nature - Pan B117
New Equilibrium - Turquoise over Red, number 117 named 'Pan'
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Extra little steps… happier, healthier people, creatures and planet
Our stance on animal testing and keeping it natural Read More
aura-soma rose quartz crystal ball living water
Water is just water, right?
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Celebrating the life and work of our founder Vicky Wall
The 20th August is a day of gratitude, reflection and celebration Read More