Can intuition supersede intellect?

It’s always interesting when modern day science and management theory catches up with ancient wisdom and practice.

hands on stomach

Recently The Harvard Business Review published a detailed article on how Entrepreneurs and CEO’s were leveraging their gut feelings to help them deal with business. In fact, surveys of top executives show that a majority of leaders utilise and apply their feelings and experience when handling crises.

It’s thought to be so powerful, even the US Military is working on this. The U.S. Navy has invested millions of dollars into helping sailors and marines refine their sixth sense, precisely because intuition can supersede intellect in high-stakes situations like the battlefield.

What is interesting here is that the Ancients knew about this process and relied more on “gut feeling” than their brain. That’s what has helped them survive in a world far more harsher than the present day (we don’t exactly have sabre toothed tigers looking for their next meal these days)

The Gut has been labelled “the second brain”, and over many centuries, Martial arts masters knew the benefit of “going within”, to master life, and harness their real power.

In modern day, this brain-gut connection is revolutionising medicine’s understanding of the links between digestion, mood, healthy and the way we think.

 It’s all well and good to read this, but as always, the key question is, how do we use this muscle?

How do we master the art of trusting our intuition?

What is intuition and what is ego?

What will help you, and what is merely a pattern of conditioning?

This specialised area has been a lifetime of practice for Aura-Soma Chairman Mike Booth. To refine a process that can give you these very tools to help you navigate through life with more ease. 


Combining the system of Aura-Soma, an energetic system of colour, sound and number, Booth empowers students to practice “listening” to their gut in the first instance, and from there, really dropping down into the core essence of themselves, to hone the skills of intuition.

 On his 4 day course “Being The Star You Are” participants will practice the “how to” listen, so that over time it becomes a trusted habit to trust your gut sense.

 Whilst this may sound a bit “woo – woo”, Booth, a former management trainer and consultant has seen amazing results with “Being The Star You Are” through the years. Offering the course globally, he has worked with top level CEO’s, athletes, management consultants, just to name a few. All of whom have experienced profound benefits from practicing the skills he teaches.

 As with everything helpful in life, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Malcolm Gladwell refers to this in his book, Outliers, asserting that the more you practice something, albeit in the correct way, the more successful you will be.

Fast track this – once you learn how to listen to your instinct, filtering out the “little voice of ego”, you will be amazed at just how synchronicities happen in life, as if by coincidence.  You will be awed at how life becomes more of a flow with the river, with that inherent trust in yourself once gut instinct is practiced and embraced.

 It is great to see modern day approaches catching up with what has been practiced for generations, and better yet, to know there is always a possibility to remember how to take notice of our gut-brain connection.