Mike Booth Aura-Soma Courses

Presented by Mike Booth, an inspirational speaker who is well known for his work with The Academy as an educator. Mike travels throughout the world illuminating the mysteries and meanings of colour, subtle anatomy, complementary traditions, the potential and benefits of using Aura-Soma as a means of self-development and care of the planet. Browse our Mike Booth Aura-Soma courses below.

The 21 Keys of Aura-Soma

The 21 Keys of Aura-Soma is a sequence of live and recorded sessions presented online by Mike Booth that represents an opportunity to experience the first bottles revealed in the system, and their re...

Date : 4 Apr 21 - 5 Sep 21
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: , England

Being the Star You Are

Listening to the Star Within’ has gone through an exciting consciousness shift, evolving now into ‘Being the Star You Are’. This will be the most significant and important course that has been, or is...

Date : 24 Jul 21 - 27 Jul 21
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: The East, , England

Glastonbury Experience

Glastonbury Experience – a meditation in the landscape “Enriching your understanding of the Inspirational Source of Aura-Soma Colour System” The Aura-Soma philosophy is deeply rooted in the count...

Date : 29 Jul 21 - 1 Aug 21
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: South West, , England

Journey into the Chakras

This will be a meditative process as we work not only with the chakras in the landscape of Shire Farm but also our own chakras and our inner landscape. This experience will deepen your connection to ...

Date : 4 Aug 21 - 7 Aug 21
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: The East, , England

The Archangel Sequence

The Archangel Sequence is an introduction to the energetic aspect of the interconnectivity that all human beings experience. Often our physically limits our consciousness to our body however during t...

Date : 20 Sep 21 - 22 Sep 21
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: Salzburg, , Austria

The Archangels on the Tree Of Life

Together we will discover how the energetic quality of each Archangel can assist us we tread a particular path on the Tree of Life.

Date : 23 Sep 21 - 25 Sep 21
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: Salzburg, , Austria

Practical Skills for Practitioners ~...

Practical Skills for Practitioners who want to develop their consultation skills.

Date : 30 Sep 21 - 3 Oct 21
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: , Switzerland

We offer a range of Mike Booth Aura-Soma classes, including some where practitioner experience is required and others where you simply need to be open and ready for change! Start being the best version of you today. Click on the ‘view detail’ buttons above for more information about our courses run by Mike Booth.

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