Deeper wellbeing and inner wisdom

Known to benefit our health, our minds, our spirits – the proven magic of essential oils make these healing heroes the ultimate solution when it comes to nature’s most powerful planet-happy remedies.

Essential Oils

Immune-boosting, pain-reducing, skin-calming, mood-enhancing, stress-relieving

Hailed for millennia for their healing, uplifting, and spirit-awakening powers, these potent plant essences have been intrinsic to countless cultures’ rituals, ceremonies and medicines since age-old records began. From the burning of incense in Ancient Egypt as an offering to the gods, to harnessing their medicinal, purifying and protective properties in ancient Rome, Greece, Persia, India, and China – not to mention numerous biblical references – essential oils have a well-deserved history when it comes to wellbeing.

So, fast-track to ‘aromachology’ today (the science of how scent affects behaviour)  that proves the mood benefits of essential oils. Drop in the reputable evidence that they really are healing heroes when it comes to treating viral, bacterial and fungal infections and reducing inflammation  – it’s no wonder that these gentle, non-invasive yet effective oils shake up to become alchemic go-to’s when it comes to balancing our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Extracted through steam or water distillation, or by cold pressing, the healing benefits of essential oils are absorbed best when applied to the skin (like within Equlibrium) or inhaled. 

Open your mind, awaken your spirit

At Aura-Soma we like to use the purest essential oils helping us to invoke inspiration and connect with the innate reservoir of pure awareness that is available to us all. Our bodies know instinctively what we need the most, so just as we approach the Equilibrium system by tuning into which colours we are drawn to the most, so we approach essential oils. Here is a small introduction to just a few essential oils (all of which feature in many of our Pomander, Equilibrium and Quintessence products) that have been selected for their unique property’s and ability to encourage a deeper sense of connection to a greater consciousness:

  1.      Cedarwood

Access deep peace as you meditate with purifying yet earthy cedarwood, to clear energy blockages and cleanse away negativity from your mind.

  1.      Rosemary

Connect with life-force, awaken your spirit and refresh your senses with rosemary’s enlightening powers. This sacred oil is also used to clear psychic and spiritual blocks.

  1.      Ylang Ylang

Open up to your truest potential as you calm anxiety and boost a low mood with this highly prized oil. Let its intoxicating scent transport you to a place of purity and gratitude.

  1.      Lemon

Revitalise a weary mind and body – or discover an immediate grounding affect that will bring you back to yourself when trapped in a mind-loop of worry – thanks to the sparkling fresh scent and peace-loving properties of lemon.

  1.      Lavender

Connect yourself with the spiritual healing benefits of lavender. Deeply relaxing for body, mind and soul it encourages an inner focus by reducing stress and anxiety while balancing chakras and auras.

  1.      Frangipani 

Tune into your sacred sensuality as you awaken your spirit and cultivate a deeper sense of love for all things. One of nature’s aphrodisiacs, Frangipani oil will also boost intimacy, passion and soul-to-soul connection with your partner.

How to choose 

During a bespoke one-to-one consultation with one of our accredited practitioners located in 40 countries around the world, you’ll be guided through your intuition-led self-selection process that will determine which of the Aura-Soma range will assist you best at your deepest level.