Colour is a universal language which can help us in the process of individuation and self-realisation. Aura-Soma® works with the spectrum of visible colour as well as the information encoded in the sequence of colour combinations.  


As Rudolph Steiner said: 

‘Colour is the soul element of nature and of the whole cosmos, and we have a share in this soul element when we experience colour.’

Aura-Soma appeals to many people throughout the world, regardless of race or religion, because of the inherent simplicity of colour. Yet as we begin to understand the complexity of colour, those of us who are compelled to look deeper can find the exploration extremely satisfying.


Pink represents the acceptance of ourselves and suspension of self-judgment which allows us to awaken to be who we truly are. As we awaken we find the capacity to accept ourselves as we are, rather than as we might like to be. We stop pushing ourselves away to that we can allow ourselves to simply be.

When we are attracted to the colour pink it may be showing us that we have the capacity to give love and at the same time it may be showing us that we find it difficult to love and care for ourselves. We may always find a reason to not care for ourselves, and deny our vulnerability.

As pink is a tint which results from light (white / clear) being added to red, this light of consciousness (white /clear) present in pink may help us to utilise any energy of anger, resentment and frustration (reflected in the red), transforming it to a strong love of our process of awakening, grounding and manifesting our feelings of unconditional love.

If we can care for ourselves, moving ourselves up the ladder of receiving care and attention, our love may more unconditionally overflow in to the world and others.

Our Aura-Soma Pink Pomander provides us the possibility to surround our bodies in a loving atmosphere, helping us to bring out our best, nurturing our emotional wellbeing. Pink helps us to believe that we are loveable, and helps us to sustain a flow of love to others, fostering more harmonious interactions and mutual respect of others.

How to Benefit from Colour

Aura-Soma engages us at our sense doors. Whilst it is intriguing to look at the colours and colour combinations to see which ones call to us, it is far more effective to actually use the various Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders. Quintessences, ArchAngeloi and Colour Essences. In doing so, experiencing the liquids and aromas can bring rapid personal growth, balance and support in our journey toward ourselves. 

Steiner explains this living experience as such: 

 ‘We must bring to life what is in the colour, not by practicing colour symbolism, which is the worst possible thing, but by actually discovering what is in colour, in the same way as the power of laughter is in someone who laughs. … The essential thing is to know how to open our souls to what speaks to us out of colour.’