Different types of crystals, their benefits & how we use them

The crystals which form such an integral part of Aura-Soma’s products are created using an ancient alchemic process. A process that benefits the body, mind, and spirit.

Our combined plant, colour, and crystal energy products have the power to bring balance, calm, and ease to the energetic system. While no individual ingredient is the secret - it is the careful combination of them all that creates the power to transform - the crystals are truly something special.


How our crystals are prepared and processed

The liquid gems and crystals that are such an integral part of Aura-Soma are prepared using an ancient holistic alchemical process, which views body, soul and spirit as a balanced unity. We have a partnership with one of the only remaining places in the world that follows this age-old process. And they create these unique ingredients just for us, and of course, for you.

The official name for these liquid crystals is ‘Spagyric Tinctures’. The word ‘spagyric’ refers to the process of separation, purification and recombining of materials, all of which are fundamental alchemical techniques.

By separating the components within a crystal or gemstone, we are able to take only the most useful elements. Then, we combine those powerful useful ingredients back together again. This process ensures that the end result is more powerful and therapeutic than even the original.

But these tinctures are not effective because of their ingredients. They are effective because of the metaphysical powers unlocked and released by the creation process. Much like the unique energy in each Equilibrium bottle is unlocked when it touches your skin.

The way we create our liquid gems and crystals adheres to alchemical laws practiced by Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine. We work with a manufacturer that shares our same philosophy; to create conscious change on the planet. Together, we bring together the alchemical techniques of the ancients with colour and plant energies, to have a direct effect on the human energy field.

Crystals For Health And Happiness

The benefits of crystals are seemingly endless. Below is a small selection of the different types of crystals we use in the Aura-Soma system, and the positive and beneficial impact they have on the body, mind, and spirit. 


  • Body: Helps to improve the complexion of skin and moisture retention. Particularly beneficial for blemishes, acne, eczema and skin irritations

  • Mind: Helps to harmonise the nervous system, having a relaxing effect that is beneficial in times of stress, and helpful for promoting peaceful sleep

  • Spirit: Related to the crown and third-eye chakra, amethyst promotes inspiration and intuition

Chalcedony (blue)

  • Body: Has a moisturising effect on the skin that helps with regenerating dehydrated, congested and ageing skin conditions

  • Mind: encourages communication and self-expression

  • Spirit: Related to the throat chakra, blue chalcedony is calming and peace-making


  • Body: Helps to rejuvenate the skin

  • Mind: has a balancing effect on hormones, helping to balance emotions

  • Spirit: Related to the heart chakra, emerald is considered the cornerstone of divine inspirations


  • Body: supports the formation of red blood cells, promoting vitality

  • Mind: supportive in challenging situations, increasing optimism

  • Spirit: activates the body, mind and soul, strengthening the will to live

Rose Quartz

  • Body: Helps to cleanse the skin and blood, and reduce inflammation

  • Mind: Particularly beneficial for helping to promote self-love

  • Spirit: Beneficial to the heart chakra, rose quartz supports our ability to love


  • Body:  Helps to activate water balance, particularly beneficial for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis

  • Mind: Energising, turquoise helps to balance mood swings, and strengthen self-confidence and self-expression

  • Spirit: helps to improve intuition and creativity


  • Body:  Particularly beneficial for the skin, with a cleansing and detoxifying effect

  • Mind: Helps to promote clear perception, understanding and self-awareness

  • Spirit: embodies clarity, purity and health

If you would like to know more about Aura-Soma and how it works visit our beginner’s guide. Alternatively, find a practitioner in your area below and they will happily talk you through our products.