The Transformative Power of Violet

The colour violet, from an Aura-Soma perspective, signifies service, transformation and healing. In relation to service, this includes the attitude of caring and kindness along with our intention we bring, as we do what we are meant do, fulfilling our purpose and destiny in the world.Violet Pomander Aura-Soma

Violet also represents grief, whether that be a loss of what was, for what might have been, or for the loss of a past identity. Within violet we can also see the tendency to hide our light, not wanting to be seen, and the desire to be invisible. 

Working with the colour violet may provide the possibility for a complete change in our point-of-view to allow for a total transformation, shattering all that has previously been, which we call metanoia – not just a change in thinking, or a change in feeling, but a change in our being. 

Violet also represents the veil between this world and the world of spirit, associated with an understanding of death and that transition.  

Our Aura-Soma Violet Pomander not only supports transformation, it also supports our connection with our mission and purpose in life. We may become more conscious of why we are here and what we are for, as well as becoming more aware of the way we do what we do. This process helps us know how we may serve in the context of peace. A beautiful Pomander to use before meditation

Want to know more about your colour choices?

An Aura-Soma consultation is an opportunity to understand the living dynamics of the colours you choose in relation to your ever evolving life story. It’s an enlightening experience, allowing you to devote time to yourself in beautiful calm surroundings and connect with who you truly are.

Remembering that the colours you choose carry different energetic frequencies, mirroring the needs of your being. Your selection is as individual as you are, and with the support of your qualified Aura-Soma practitioner, you’ll be encouraged to explore what each colour segment reveals about you.