Aura-Soma consultations for total wellbeing

Become everything you are. Be drawn to the colours you need. Trust your intuition. For those looking to be empowered, eased and elevate themselves for total wholeness and wellbeing book your consultation to experience Aura-Soma.
Yana Gianna Valvassori
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Karin Fringeli
 Domdidier, Switzerland View Profile
Janet Beath
 Vaucluse, Australia View Profile
Dr. sherylAnne hamza, phD, BMsc
 POWHATAN, United States View Profile
Hildegard Anders
 Switzerland View Profile
Claudia Stamm Roth
 Switzerland View Profile
Khushbu Rita Deutschmann
 Gröbenzell, Germany View Profile
圭子 落合
 Japan View Profile
Yoshiaki Teramoto
 Japan View Profile
Lo Chiu Wing ~ Garie
 Hong Kong, Hong Kong View Profile
Andrew Clark
 Miami / LA, United States View Profile
Kaye Vleeshouwer
 Brisbane, Australia View Profile