pale coral pomander

Just like the physical body, the aura can also be affected by day to day life. You can restore and aid balance by regularly using Aura-Soma Pomanders. 

Aura-Soma’s Pomanders are used to cleanse and refresh the energetic system. Their vibrational qualities act to re-energise, strengthen, and protect the aura, empowering you and elevating your consciousness. In addition to restoring balance, these infusions can be used to focus intent on your everyday.

The Pomander ingredients

Just like our Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders combine plant, crystal, and colour energies to bring ease, balance, and calm to the energetic system. They are predominantly made from herbs, with a total of 49 different herbal extracts and essential oils, colours, and crystals in each.

Pomanders are available in 19 colours including Pink, Red, White, Coral, Orange, Blue, Turquoise, and Violet. There are 49 herbs in each Pomander, each colour has a predominance of six essential oils. The White holds a special place amongst the colours, as it is the only one which contains all 49 herbs in equal balance.

Our ‘soil to soul’ philosophy means that we grow many of the Pomander’s ingredients on our own farm to biodynamic standards.

The Pomander sequence

For the most powerful and positive impact on your aura, use Pomanders daily and follow the Pomander sequence outlined below.

1. Make sure you’re standing, with space around you
2. Place three drops in the palm of your left hand and rub both palms together
3. Stretch your arms straight above your head, with palms facing each other. Imagine the flow of energy from the left hand into the right hand
4. Bring your hand towards each other and move them slowly around one another without touching, keeping them above your head
5. Then, join the palms together, palm to palm, remaining above your head
6. Keeping them together, bring your hands slowly down, past your face, to your heart
7. Place one hand over the other on your heart and pause for a few seconds
8. When you're ready, bring your hands apart and bend slowly to touch the ground, letting the energy flow into the earth
9. When you’re ready to close the sequence, stand up and bring your hands up to your mouth and nose. Take three deep breaths inhaling the fragrance deep into your soul

Where can I find Pomanders?

Pomanders are available in 25ml bottles. Find your nearest practitioner who will be able to help with your Aura-Soma journey and our products.