Mike Booth Aura-Soma Courses

Presented by Mike Booth, an inspirational speaker who is well known for his work with The Academy as an educator. Mike travels throughout the world illuminating the mysteries and meanings of colour, subtle anatomy, complementary traditions, the potential and benefits of using Aura-Soma as a means of self-development and care of the planet. Browse our Mike Booth Aura-Soma courses below.

21 Keys of Aura-Soma ~ On Demand

Le 21 chiavi hanno un significato immenso in relazione all’intera interconnettività della coscienza dentro di noi. Quando lavoriamo con queste chiavi, c’è una significativa opportunità di integrare u...

Date : On Going
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: ,

Attivazione del Corpo di Luce

Il Corpo di Luce non è qualcosa di distante da noi, Il Corpo di Luce esiste già dentro ognuno di noi. E’ già presente e portarlo ad una maggiore consapevolezza sarà veramente di supporto al nostro ap...

Date : 19 nov 22 - 22 nov 22
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: Kyoto, , Japan

Being the Star You Are

Listening to the Star Within’ has gone through an exciting consciousness shift, evolving now into ‘Being the Star You Are’. This will be the most significant and important course that has been, or is...

Date : 2 apr 23 - 5 apr 23
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: The East, , England

The Seven Levels of Letting Go

Letting go is part of the central theme within the Aura-Soma system. Each of us needs to truly understand and discover the implications of letting go. Understanding these seven steps and where they w...

Date : 4 mag 23 - 7 mag 23
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: The East, , England

Chakra Walk and Mandala Dance

The earth offers a great opportunity for consciousness growth upon her surface. We can also support her in her consciousness journey by bringing awareness to each step as guided by Mike Booth we ‘wal...

Date : 31 mag 23 - 6 giu 23
Teacher: Mike Booth, Aiste Samuliene
Location: The East, , England

We offer a range of Mike Booth Aura-Soma classes, including some where practitioner experience is required and others where you simply need to be open and ready for change! Start being the best version of you today. Click on the ‘view detail’ buttons above for more information about our courses run by Mike Booth.

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