Iesha Harbour
Melbourne, Australia


Rossana Sotos
Brisbane, Australia


Jodie Whelan
Sydney, Australia


Tobias Jerg
Freiburg, Germany

Tobias is CEO and owner of the largest German speaking spiritual mail order company and since coming into contact with Aura Soma 7 years ago he has been using it regularly.

Jagata Jörg Schaad
Munich, Germany

Jagata is working as a naturopath with various techniques. He has been using Aura‑Soma for more than 30 years and has taught courses in it all over Europe, USA and in Japan.

Gregor Horak
Bern, Switzerland

Gregor was a Professional Hockey player and now puts his passion for body movements into the martial arts such as Aikido and Systema. He is dad to an adult daughter and son and has been uses Aura‑Soma for 8 years.

Chitose Inoue
Honolulu, Hawaii

Chitose owns and operates a beauty salon and a wedding business, where she uses the equilibrium bottles regularly for customers and couples planning to get married. She has been using Aura‑Soma for 20 years.

Koko Kumagai
Kobe, Japan

Koko uses Aura‑Soma morning and night and works with the Equilibrium bottles to to share the happiness and joy of living with many people.

Misako Kobayashi
Tokyo, Japan

Misako has been using Aura‑Soma for 20 years and had a profound experience with them during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Sam Sargent
Byron Bay, Australia

Sam owns online store which curates genuine, natural, organic and ethical beauty products that deliver high‑performance. Sam uses Aura‑Soma on a daily basis to maintain her state of balance and ensure health and happiness in her everyday.

Eve Chan
Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Eve is a wellness coach in Hong Kong and regularly uses Aura‑Soma as a key tool in not only her own but also her client’s wellness journeys.

Adie Robertson
Sydney, Australia

Adie owns a wellness spa called To Wonderland in Bondi, Sydney. Introduced to Aura‑Soma in 2017, Adie has already incorporated it into her daily rituals and is grateful for the sense of love Aura‑Soma brings into her life.