Курсы представлены Майком Бутом, вдохновляющим оратором, который хорошо известен своей работой в Академии в качестве учителя. Майк путешествует по всему миру, освещая тайны и смысл цвета, тонкой анатомии, взаимодополняющие традиции, потенциал и преимущества использования Ауры-Сомы как средства саморазвития и заботы о планете. Просмотрите курсы Майка Бута по Аура-Соме ниже.

21 Keys of Aura-Soma ~ On Demand

The 21 keys have an immense significance in relation to the whole of the interconnectivity of the consciousness within ourselves. When we work with these keys, there's a significant opportunity to fu...

Date : On Going
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: ,

The Seven Levels of Letting Go

Letting go is part of the central theme within the Aura-Soma system. Each of us needs to truly understand and discover the implications of letting go. Understanding these seven steps and where they w...

Date : 4 май 23 - 7 май 23
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: The East, , England

Chakra Walk and Mandala Dance

It sounds simple - 'to be aware as you walk' - however do we ever really take that time to use walking to really cultivate mindfulness and wakeful presence?

Date : 31 май 23 - 6 июн 23
Teacher: Mike Booth, Aiste Samuliene
Location: The East, , England

Encode the Time Shift The Naga City ...

Culminating on the Day out of Time this course will be a combination of the vision for the activation of the Library of the Naga City after the 7 year Syrian Surveillance cycle 2013-2020.

Date : 22 июл 23 - 25 июл 23
Teacher: Mike Booth, Paola Sani
Location: The East, , England

40 Year Anniversary

2023 is a calling for us to come together to appreciate what it is we’ve been given as tools to support ourselves and each other as a Humanity that walks more consciously on the Earth. By coming toge...

Date : 20 авг 23 - 20 авг 23
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: The East, , England

I Am

To birth the light body is remembering to pull together the parts, not to focus on this part or that part but to notice the shifts that occur when we work with the Aura-Soma system that support the w...

Date : 21 авг 23 - 24 авг 23
Teacher: Mike Booth
Location: The East, , England

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