It’s as individual as you are ...The Power of Meditation


How often do you spend time getting to know yourself?

In the modern world, we’re more ‘connected’ than ever; to the internet; to our phones; to networks of people across the world. But what about connection to ourselves? Meditation is an increasingly popular way to gain focus, de-stress and find a deeper sense of self.

Meditation encompasses a range of techniques that focus on the breath, grounding and self-awareness, and is closely aligned with our philosophy of empowerment: “Being The Best Version of Yourself.

The more you can tap into your uniqueness, the more you will gain from your practice. Meditation can be harnessed for different purposes, and combined with Aura-Soma to help you achieve your personal goals with clarity and purpose.

When you need to focus the intent of your meditation, or re-energise and restore balance, use Aura-Soma Pomanders. Their vibrational qualities act to strengthen and protect your aura, empowering and elevating your consciousness to achieve your goal.

Or, use Aura-Soma Quintessence when you feel the need for a softer energy in your meditation practice. Quintessence gently facilitates the eternal flow of positive energy. The essential oils and crystals support your auric field, enabling empowerment and greater access to what and who you are - to be present.



Colour is at the heart of our philosophy and can be used to personalise your meditation. Our expert practitioners will help you to tap into your intuition - your most powerful tool for gaining focus and enhancing your own wellbeing. Trust your instincts as they guide you to the colours that you need.

Perhaps you might be drawn to violet when you need to reach a better state of relaxation. Ingredients such as Myrrh, Eucalyptus and Amethyst make this Pomander perfect for achieving a calm mind. Follow the Pomander Sequence before meditating to enhance your wellbeing and achieve a deep sense of serenity.

Red is associated with energy and enthusiasm; use our red Pomander for a gentle but energising meditation. The unique essential oils and crystal ingredients include Cedar, Sandalwood and Rubelite, to leave you feeling re-vitalised and ready to face the world.

The Quintessence relate to the Master range, allowing the flow of positive energies of the colour they relate to. New projects often come with their own challenges, bringing the need for light. Using Serapis Bey Quintessence along with a Pink Pomander can help bring warmth and acceptance, muting any negative energies.

When you need an awakening energy and deep protection, use The Christ Quintessence to help understand your own purpose. The unique ingredients include Lavender, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Myrrh and Carnelian, supporting you in taking responsibility for yourself.



There are many ways to meditate; guided and unguided, from basic mindfulness through to transcendental and mantra-based techniques. All of these approaches ultimately aim to raise self-awareness and help you to know yourself - and to be yourself - better. Complementing your meditation with your chosen Pomander or Quintessence aids this process and helps you get the most out of the precious time you commit to your practice.

It can take a while to learn to meditate effectively, and to work out your own unique style. But the effect on your wellbeing begins as soon as you start this process of exploration. So whether you have ten minutes in between appointments, or a full two hours to yourself, follow your own intuition to make Aura-Soma and meditation a part of your daily routine.