Lime Green Pomander Aura-Soma

It's a really exciting time. The birth of this Pomander, the conception of it, the whole of the process that's led to this Pomander coming in to being. It has been extraordinary, the synchronicities to bring it about, to bring the energies appropriate for it, really changing so many things within the system of Aura-Soma. 

Lime Green Pomander

As one thing affects everything else, so this Lime Green Pomander brings a real sense that even in the midst of all of the shadow, the difficulties, the darkness, there's an incredible light beginning to dawn. Light which is based in hope, based in the possibility of living from an abundant place.

Lime Green Energy

All of the positive aspects that can come to be are expressed through this Lime Green energy. This Pomander’s zesty citrus fragrance is reminiscent of Springtime and its clean fruity, fresh scent cuts through the grey skies and welcomes sunshine into our lives. It’s restorative to the subtle fields, bringing a sense of renewed energy and purpose into the electromagnetic field of the physicality. 

I would say that out of all the Pomanders it's most closely associated with the Holy Grail, even more so now than possibly the Olive Pomander, previously most associated with the Holy Grail and the Solar Logos. To be able to really let go, to let go into whatever it is that the moment holds for us, to let go into the present and to really feel for that present, while it is that we place this Pomander into the electromagnetic field that surrounds us. 

The Sequence and Lime Green Pomander

Sharing the sequence with the Lime Green Pomander brings a sense of ease, a sense of space, a sense of renewed joy to our being, a new zest for presence. I think these qualities are absolutely essential at this point in time. 

 The Beaver Moon

We might be reminded with the arrival of the Lime Green Pomander in November 2021 on a near full moon, of the importance of tuning into Nature’s rhythms. An optimal time to sow and plant, the full moon in Taurus brought emphasis to our connection to the Earth. 

A near full lunar eclipse during this ‘Beaver Moon’ we were encouraged to acknowledge the shadow whilst nurturing the light seeds within. In the context of the latest Equilibriums where Ceres brought healing to the timeline, Persephone bliss and freedom from the past, and, most recently, Pluton supported us in actualising our new direction – this Lime Green Pomander talks of fresh beginnings and the possibility to cultivate the light within.

I look forward to seeing and hearing the feedback from the Aura-Soma community about their experiences with the Lime Green Pomander because it's one that seems able to target the support that's necessary on an individual basis, and for us to be able to receive what it is that's really needed for our personal empowerment.


Chairman of Aura-Soma Products Ltd